Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On Daughter's Day- Aditi Mishra

On Daughters Day
Once again sunny daughter’s day is here in front of us shining so bright as ever. But I am pleasured to realise that some thing more special than this is there. A little Angle “ADITI MISHRA“ – The Charm and  Our adorable little Angle is here during this time.
Dear  little Darling  to day  is Daughters  Day and to  this  your  youngest  Maasi  thought  of  extending some  blessing  on your  way.   15th of may 2014  - I still remember  very  clearly  my expression when I heard about  your  arrival in our lives.  I was in the office and I laughed at the top of my voice when your beloved Nanimaa told me about you.  People around me in the office were surprised thinking what happen to me? Infact my director came out of his cabin and asked me what happened Sarita…?  I just gave my bright smile and said so loudly.. Finally – “Little Angle arrived” J J
I always wanted you little angle – a little princes younger to me in the family. Someone who can copy me and steal my dresses and other things ..:-) . You know, Daughters are always special for ever and ever. And keep filling our heart with never ending love.   Right now you are in front of my eyes and I can feel the brightness your presence in making here..!!  So delightful, adorable, unique, humble and thoughtful you are. Your smile gives strength to conquer the world. When you wrap your hand around my finger. It puts smile in my heart and everything becomes clearer and makes me realize what life is all about. Your elder Maasi, your mother and I are also daughters of this family and we always consider ourself blissful for being part of this family. We have always cherished and are and will always. Hope you also take these things further now….
You are Miracle that never ceases being miraculous … J
With Loads and Loads of love hugs and kisses… Dear Sonn..