Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why We Cultivate Defensive Attitude to "FEELINGS"

                            Why We Cultivate Defensive Attitude to "FEELINGS"

Life is So Beautiful and Happening  too. During our short span of life on this planet called earth.We behave and act  differently each day as such not a single day is same for us in any way. Every day comes to us with new challenges, happiness and sometimes sad moments  as well.

Many a times  we find our self laughing at the top of our voice with  tears in our eyes. Its  nothing but the way to  went out  our feelings Like feeling of tenderness,disappointment,Joy,Pity ,Resignation, Fear and many more things..........
When we go to a film with a sad ending . We  could see hear clearly all over the cinema blowing  their noses. I  can recall Movie name " Talash" . It was a late night movie with a friend as i was so eager to see that  movie. Somewhere some part of movie i associated  with my life and becoz of that  i still  remember  very clearly i came out of theater with tears in my  eyes and  it was rolling on my cheeks  till i reached home.So i never  felt odd for the way i behaved that day infact  i always remember that  movie  with  smile on face that through that movie i made vent  for my feeling  to express. 
We all are not that smart at hiding feelings and i personally believe we should not instead you express it. Simply Express when you fall in love, express when someone did something of proud or ashamed,express when you are worried or puzzled..
Treat  the  feeling  the way it is meant for ...
Feelings are the language to keep us  in touch with  each other. And  Secret of getting along with people is to recognize how they feel and to let them know you know... When  Someone is rude or quarrelsome. It's often a way to say " Pay Attention to my Feelings" 
Awareness of feelings comes to us naturally,if we let it...
I have one beautiful instance, which i would like to share here.
 Few days back, while walking by a school. i  saw many small children's   holding colourful balloon in  their hand and waiting for their school bus to come. And Suddenly, a string of balloon slipped from the fingers of  3 years kid. He curled up his face with the grief of  loss...
The  kid standing next to him , caught his eyes and stretch out his arms and released his own balloon too.. and to this, that 3 years old kid  lough out loudly  along with tears in his eyes..
Beautiful Moment to Capture!!!!!!
Feelings wells up from the depth of personality,shape by a lifetime of experience and provide a reliable and  automatic self guidance system. It  may not help you  in playing  stock market or paying your income tax returns or acquiring your  professional goals  but yes it will help us in  all  real fundamental issues of life...
Like  to decided whom to marry, whom to trust as a friend or colleague ,  what to do with when we face death or life..etc..
Than  why do we deny our feelings?? Why  we prepare defensive attitude for  feelings??
When  we subtract  feelings from marriage,friendship or work what is left than??
Two person sharing money, food shelter even sex  but that  two will remain stranger  for ever if there is absence of feelings..

The one thing that can tie relations into one are " Share of feelings" 

"Don't be afraid of your Feelings" Just share and spread Happiness!!

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