Friday, 14 November 2014


14TH OF NOVEMBER 2014 weather out side is not too hot and not too cold. And I think to make mood to write something our surroundings and weathers do affect us. So on the auspicious occasion of CHILDRENS DAY I thought of extending some blessings to my Ten kids.
Dear Shristi,Lilly,Jasmine,Brodian, Amey Vedant, Ansh, Appu, Aarush and Aditi,

 Today is Children’s Day, A day specially meant for small kids, kiddos to make them feel how special they are. Like you all are adorable grand Children’s, Sons and Daughters of our family.
Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. Where we don’t know that, we are making memories for us to cherish all life. Where people like you ,for who ever you are. These are days to have loads and loads of fun, non -stop blabbering, lots of laughs, lots of cry, lots of innocence and many more things.
A stage in your life, when all that matters to you are toys, chocolates and more, obliviously to the world waiting outside for you. When you seek solace in your mother’s lap and a ride with father take you to the world of fantasies.
I wish all Ten stars of  family –
 Laugh, Jump,Sing,Dance,Imagine,Paint, Play, Grow,Learn,Explore,Discover,Create  and BE HAPPY ALWAYS!!

Wishing you A very happy Children’s day….. God Bless You all!!!

Love you all……



  1. Nice article. You are getting mature very fast

  2. Is it? Hahaha you Bhaiya for this!!