Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Happy Birthday Ashi

    14th of March 2017
                                               On your birthday Dearest Mishika.

We just thought of writing something to you as blessings. As it’s your birthday today.
From the day you came into this world. We were as proud as can be blessed with a daughter. So we celebrate this day every year  as” SPECIAL DAY” . To mark another milestone in your life.
 You  are of  FIVE  today. Neither too grown up nor too small. But yes you are independent now.
You can understand some of the gyan , we are writing here. ..
Your future does not lay in front of you.  It lies deep inside you. Dear daughter Misha, Life is not about finding yourself  but it’s about how you create yourself.  Always remember , when you  feel  life as roller coaster, climb into the front , throw your arms in the air ,enjoy and ride  the phase of life.
When life gets crazy, you try to do something normal and when life becomes normal do something crazy
to add fun  in life.  Always be nice and helping hand to people, in any manner/way , if you can…
Misha, Life is all about executing plan” B” Or you can say alternative of any situation favorable or un favorable. Practice the art listening more, expressing yourself , your thoughts,your priorties  and yes  be  clam and patient . As anger leads us to nowhere.  Words plays  important  role in our life. Be careful before you giggle with words , as  it can make something and vice a versa  .Take your time to think –rethink and  do the best  you can , depending upon the situtation  in front of you.
Most importantly , find the joy in your all choices and  never ever  feel your self insecure as we all are for you , with you and behind you  always.
We are proud of you, the way you do things , the way you carry yourself and  off course your  nakhrass….. OMG!!!   J J
And  lastly ,  No  matter what ever happens in life, You will continue to be the best daughter to us!!
We will continue to belive in you and choices you will be making further moving in life.
We trust you and love you…!!!!!!
Happy birthday Anna  darling  Mishika….

With lots and lots of love

From  Anna and chachi.

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  1. Nicly written. Misi will like this when she grows up