Friday, 17 March 2017

                Once more.. pen down on the Paper   

                                 Fluidity of life

Life is a always fluid. The unexpected and even unimaginable can and does happen at any time. And all things, scenario, events can shift their course at any time: From bad to good, from good to bad. There is no good or bad, there just is. Surrendering to whatever that happens, without placing unnecessary importance or investing excessive emotions.

Blaming leads to nowhere, except temporary fulfillment for the ego. Yet, the ego does not stay fulfilled and will seek out more and more pain. Any kind of blaming thoughts, words are ego-filling unproductive and lead to our own suffering, even if they are REASONABLY JUSTIFIED...

When things get low, do all that you can to come back to your center and remember that you are a luminous and empowered being.
 you have the power and choice to bring the light into any situation that may appear dark.

No matter how unfair a situation may present itself, remaining in self -pity, blame and resentment will only hurt ourselves and draws us deeper into that darkness.

we have only two choices: To remain in darkness or bring in the light/ choose to prolong the suffering or to end it and move on......

Regardless of what is happening the ups and downs of life will continue to prevail and  resisting to the down times will only delay the coming of the up times. Remember that, this all is only temporary focus on what can be learned. 

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